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Royal Adventure

Royal Adventure is a turn-based role-playing game, which will be appreciated by fans of the good old-school RPG classics.

The village of Midgard, lost in the remote outskirts of civilization, holds many secrets. Deep beneath the village is the mysterious Dungeon, within which hordes of monsters dwell. And during each lunar eclipse, the Dungeon forces the evil powers to rise to the surface.

The outcome of the battle depends on the hero, who will become a shield between the human race and the inhabitants of the world of the dead. He will have to descend into the depths of the Dungeon to challenge the darkness that reigns there.

This time around, it’s you - a brave and valiant knight - who will become the Guardian of Midgard. What kind of friends will you meet on your way? Who will rise with you shoulder to shoulder against the forces of evil? Who will walk with you all the way to the end - from the blossoming hill of Midgard to the dark heart of the Dungeon?

In the beginning of the game, you will plunge into a turn-based tactical battle, where every decision you make determines whether you achieve a resounding victory or a crushing defeat.


  • Classic set of heroes (warrior, bowman, etc.), each with their own characteristics;
  • Huge opportunities for development of each character with 10 characteristics;
  • More than 150 types of equipment with unique magical characteristics;
  • Dozens of various quests that take place over 50 unique levels of the Dark Forest and Dungeon;
  • 12 types of scrolls and potions for each scenario;
  • 10 types of monsters, each with their own unique behavior and characteristics.

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  1. Dawn Trainer

    This game - Oh this game is amazing. It's a little quirky but the re-play value is awesome and the game is my absolute favorite. Best one to come out in almost 10 years! Please make a sequel fast with more quests, and with an ending that doesn't leave you wondering if it's the end of the game yet.

    Wow, I love this game!