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Viking Saga 2: New World

Help the viking king find a cure!

Several years have passed since Ingolf became the king of Iceland. He married his beloved Dalla and they gave birth to two beautiful children. The lands of Ingolf prospered and grew. But one day a terrible danger came to the lands of the brave king. An unknown disease started to spread across the kingdom. To save his family and his people Ingolf will have to travel to the lands of the far west and find a cure!

Travel to the far lands of the west! Visit wondrous corners of the ancient world! Meet new interesting characters and learn their intriguing stories! Find a cure and save your kingdom!

  • 40 exciting levels;
  • 4 bonus levels;
  • absorbing storyline;
  • renewed gameplay;
  • wonderful graphics.

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  1. Kathryn Norton

    How do you get past level 27 on iPad version? One of the gold rocks to be mined is directly behind the ‘demolish’ button. It seems impossible to access it! Can not proceed without accessing that rock!