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I made a purchase but I don't need it anymore. Can I get a refund?

Purchases in Apple App Store:

If no more than 10 days have passed since the purchase, you can request a refund here According to Apple’s policy, only they decide to make a refund for purchase

Purchases in Google Play Market:

Based on the capabilities of QUMARON SERVICES LIMITED, we can make a refund that was made after May 1, 2018. All purchases aren’t refundable that were made before this date.

If the purchase was made after May 1, 2018, please fill out this form Indicate the name of the game, date of purchase, a reason for the refund, and upload a screenshot of the email with confirmation from Google Play Market. We will consider your request within 3 days.

Purchases in games Jane's Farm, Divine Academy, Rise of the Roman Empire:

Go to the “Support” section in the game settings and fill out the appropriate form. 

Note! We reserve the right to reset your game progress for abuse of refunds of purchases in these games.

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